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The Program 


A Message from Leon Hermanides, CDT & Ric Shepherd, DDS

Our objective is to help you reach your goals, both within your dental practice and in your life. Often these two things go hand in hand, as one’s quality of life at work affects one’s quality of life outside of work (and vice versa). We want you to be happy and prosperous in all areas of your life.

Our experience has shown us that the following five areas of focus are important in helping our clients reach their goals: Leadership, Business Strategies, Branding & Marketing, Technology, and Transitions. We have built our program around these five areas, but we also fine-tune our program so it is personalized to you, adding in other areas of focus as needed.

We understand that you will come to us with your own unique set of concerns, aspirations, interests, challenges, and strengths. It is our job as your consultant to guide you to the places you want to be, on your own terms.

Our initial complimentary phone consultation will help us understand who you are, where you are coming from, and where you envision yourself going. The first step is filling out our brief questionnaire, and from there, we will schedule a call with you. If our services appear to be a match for your needs, we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive, personalized program that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

We look forward to helping you reach higher levels of success.

Create and Project a Vision for Your Life


The pathway to successful leadership begins with creating and projecting a vision for your life and your practice that is authentic and meaningful. This vision must be obvious to your family and engaging to your patients and staff.

The Calibrated Leadership program includes getting your financial house in order, long-term financial planning including insurance coverage, and debt management with a certified Financial Planner.

We also help our clients to build their own leadership style where the mindset is intentional, strategic, and focused on coaching our teams, not managing. Ultimately as the leader in your practice, you are responsible for results. Becoming a strong leader requires understanding your core values, your practice, and your team in a different way.

Build and Reinforce Sound Principles

Business Strategies

Our Business Strategies program builds on our belief that your practice is a system. All of your business strategies must align with your core values (as determined in our Leadership program). Every client should have a long-term plan for achieving the lifestyle they both need and deserve. Building the practice that fulfills your vision will be the focus of our program.

Our attention will be on building and/or reinforcing sound business principles and elements such as standardization in the delivery of care, using checklists, and achieving a flow in the administrative side of the practice. All of these things are impossible without recruiting and retaining key staff members to form a stable team. Another vital element to building a great practice is utilizing appropriate management software with checks and balances built in.

By working with clients on these strategies, our intention is to reduce liability, improve the ease of training and cross training staff, and establish information systems that measure outcomes and support your vision for your practice.

Maximize Your ROI


Technology is a significant part of the modern dental practice. Technology has the ability to be a great benefit to the practice, increasing your profitability and quality of care, but without careful consideration, it can be a drain on your resources.

One of the most important keys to implementing technology is making conscientious decisions about when to invest and how to maximize the return on your investment. It is crucial to realize that dental technology, such as a CBCT scanner, have an approximate three-year life span. At Calibrated, we can guide you through the evaluation and projected timeline of technology purchases. We encourage you to consider the standardization of office procedures, cross training, and how the implementation can be delegated to team members in the practice.

Create a Presence Online and In the Community

Branding & Marketing

As a client of Calibrated, we will help you develop the story you want to tell about your practice. It doesn’t matter how up-to-date and sophisticated your skills are, they will not translate into financial success without telling people what you can do for them. Your story must differentiate your practice from others in order to attract new patients, reinforce to current patients why you are their choice, and attract potential team members.

Your online presence is an important part of getting your message to potential patients, referral partners, and employees. A website that has distinctive text and high quality photography and images will create a positive impression. It is an opportunity to show how and why your practice is uniquely suited to the patient population you wish to attract. Using a marketing specialist who can improve your presence in online search engines and local directories, social media platforms, and other areas can help you stand out from the competition and generate results. For this part of branding and marketing, Calibrated relies on the experienced team at

Community involvement and superb customer service are the final building blocks of branding and marketing. Word of mouth referrals are still the gold standard when it comes to attracting new patients and building a solid foundation for your practice.

Design a Plan for Today and the Future


The moment that you graduated with a dental degree in your hand, your relationship with transitions began. All transitions are important: going to your first job, buying your first practice, bringing in an associate, or looking at retirement. Despite their seeming differences, the constant is that strategic planning along the way is required for success. Building a roadmap for this journey is a critical component of our program that will help you achieve your personal goals and financial security. By using early planning, financial consultants, taking superb care of your patients as if they are family, your journey through all of the transitions can be an exciting and enjoyable ride.

Outside of this main program, we also offer a matching service for Kois trained dentists who are looking to sell or buy a practice, form a partnership, bring on an associate, or find an associate position. For more information, visit our Matching Service page.

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