Partner & Associate Opportunities, Practice Sales/Purchases, & Transitions

Matching Service


Calibrated has developed a service that connects like-minded Kois trained dentists who are looking for new opportunities. All of us realize that Kois trained dentists do things differently from most of the dental world. That shared philosophy of care creates meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities within our community. In Calibrated’s discussions with John Kois, he acknowledges that a matching service is a valuable resource for the alumni.

Matching Dentists

Our objective is to kick start the process of finding matches among our group of Kois trained dentists by collecting information into a database for those who are looking to sell or buy a practice, form a partnership, bring on an associate, or find an associate position.

As this is a new resource, we will offer this service to alumni, graduates, mentors, and clinical instructors for no charge during the first six months (through September 2021). All information submitted to our database will be kept confidential. Any time we find a potential match, both parties will be notified by email, at which time they can review preliminary information (not yet revealing full details or contact info). If both parties are interested and agree to connect, we’ll share the full details and contact info with both parties.

Looking for Personalized Consulting Throughout the Process?

If you would prefer a more hands-on approach with Calibrated consultants, arrangements can be made so that we fully screen all opportunities with your specific needs and goals in mind. Potential matches will be pre-screened with detailed interviews before introductions commence. This process will maintain an additional layer of confidentiality, and it will provide a more streamlined, customized service. Contact Us for more details regarding consulting.

If you are a Kois trained dentist who is offering or seeking practice opportunities, please use the form below to submit your information to us. If you feel the form doesn’t represent your specific opportunity or need, please let us know. We welcome your feedback as we fine-tune the system.

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