Recommendations You Can Trust


The following resources are sometimes used as an adjunct to the services offered by Calibrated Dental Consulting. This is based on your individual circumstances and needs.

Oryx Dental Software

Oryx is a revolutionary cloud-based dental software that offers easy patient online forms and an evidence-based clinical module based on Dr. John Kois’s research. In addition, it offers patient engagement, clinical, and practice management software.

During these unstable times, Oryx Dental Software is helping dentists by providing extra features like tele-dentistry and online scheduling to keep them connected to their patients. More information about Oryx.

Goldspace Website Design and Marketing

Your patients’ first impression of you is often formed by the quality of your website. Goldspace is a website design and marketing company, and one of their specialties is working with dentists. They design websites with unique style and layouts as well as original content that highlights each client’s personal tastes, branding, practice philosophy, and most valued services.

Goldspace is also an expert in online marketing. They can improve your presence in search engines, local directories, and Google ads. They also enjoy working with clients to create other types of marketing campaigns, both traditional and non-traditional. More information about

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